The Ultimate Website Building Tool

  • 1-click installation
  • The world-leading CMS
  • Feature rich and easy to use
  • It powers more than 17% of the Web
  • Combines simplicity and complexity
  • Thousands of plugins available
We Love WordPress and You Will Too

Why use our WordPress installation and not just install it yourself, you might wonder. It’s simply not worth your time. You’ll have to find a web host that supports WordPress, you’ll have to download the CMS files and you’ll have to read through a bunch of documentation just so you can get a website up and running.

We think WordPress is one of the best platforms one could use so we made it accessible for everybody no matter what technical experience they have.

A Little History

There was a need for a well-structured publishing platform that is elegant but doesn’t compromise on features for personal use. WordPress was born as the successor of the b2/cafelog project and was built on PHP and MySQL.

Since 2001 it has matured a lot and currently is powering some of the largest and most famous websites on the Internet.

What Can It Be Used For

The short answer to this is it depends on your imagination and tech skills. WordPress was just a blogging tool but it has evolved into a full-blown CMS which can do anything, really.

Whether you want a simple personal website or plan on building an authority site in your industry, WordPress can do the job perfectly.

WordPress Features


WordPress was and still is the best personal publishing platform. Why? Because of how straight-forward it is to manage your content. You just wrote a great post but want to publish it later. No problem – use the publication scheduler. Create drafts, decide which posts are public and which private or even password lock them.


No matter what kind of website you’re building it’s important to be able to insert relevant images easily and quickly. With WordPress you can do that right from the post/page editor with drag-and-drop, edit image titles, alt text and captions and more. There are even some image editing options which can always com in handy.


WordPress comes with some pretty slick themes preinstalled but there are literary thousands more free themes to choose from and even more premium ones. You can even create your own and upload it with a single click. You’re able to completely change the look and feel of your site in a few seconds.