"Page not Found" when I try to reach my site I am sure the site has been running fine - as far as we can tell. All sites show up from here. I... CubeCart - can't update my homepage. Question: When I try to update my homepage I lose all my pictures, text color, text positioning... How do hackers attack my site? Here is something to remember................... The iframe attacks from hackers are done by:... How to respond to Getty Images Lawsuits Occasionally, and definitely much more recently, we receive frantic calls or emails from web... I have installed a CGI script and it does not work Almost 9 times out of 10 it is because of file and directory permissions. The "cgi-bin"... I have made changes to my site but I can't see them. I have made changes to my website but I can't see them when I visit my site with my web browser.... Joomla 1.5.x install - hot tip - extension install problems? Joomla 1.5.x is a much different animal than Joomla 1.0x - the install does not work exactly like... My website does not look right on a larger screen When my website is displayed through explorer on a 17inch monitor compared to a 15inch, the pages... Open DNS Server problem When I go to www.dnsreport.com and enter my domain name to test it I also get an error saying... Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at If you get lines like this on your website pages instead of the website then someone edited the... Websites look wrong - How to get Firefox to clear old pages from cache so that you see the most recent version of a website Old version cached Firefox caches websites, which means it saves some files on your machine so... What is a Website hack? Basic information to help webmaster block hackers. What is a website hack? Basic information to help webmasters block... Wordpress Users - recommended free tool to scan your site and find hacker files installed on your site. Install the plugin called WordFence. It is free with an option for a premium service. I don't...
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