Data Center Expiry.com’s state of the art data center is connected to the internet via redundant, full-duplex fiber-optic connections to multiple backbone providers. Our infrastructure includes redundant BGP4 routers and VLAN distribution switches. We also use uninterruptible power systems with backup diesel generators to keep the servers active even through power outages. The servers are powered by shared or dedicated Linux machines that are custom built for speed and stability.


Our data center is protected and secured by our data vault which includes: a) redundant HVAC temperature control systems b) smoke and moisture alarms c) advanced fire suppression systems d) two-stage secure entry e) steel mesh enforced walls and steel entrance doors g) motion sensors and security cameras.

Map of Cumulative Traffic This map shows the sources of our worldwide traffic since we first installed Web-Stat. Simply hover your mouse over a country for more details on this country’s traffic.