Expiry Corporation takes hosting seriously. After all, your business is in our hands and you should not expect less than the best.

We offer you redundancy within our high end servers, and redundancy with our superior connectivity. This means that your website will be up and running at full speed all of the time (99.99%).

We provide you with exceptional support. Our dedicated Systems Administrators and Front End Technical Support can answer your questions and provide you with a superior level of support.

Quite simply: If you require your website to be up and running at lightning speed all of the time then you can trust Expiry Corporation as your hosting provider.


Connectivity – We Are Connected

Our servers are connected to a screaming fast network through multiple fiber connections up to OC-192 capacity. The facility uses only world class Tier 1 network providers and a superior choice of Internet backbone routes. By utilizing BGP Routing, we send your data out the fastest possible route.

So what does All This Mean? Our connection is redundant. When visitors view your website, the data is brought up using the fastest route possible. Also, if one of our connections fail, the others will automatically pick it up. We utilize the best connections in the world so that the pages of your site load as quickly as possible.


•     Our servers are protected in a State of The Art hosting facility.
•     For redundant backup power we utilize N+1 generators with diesel tanks for UPS power backup.
•     For climate control we have multiple redundant air conditioning units in place.
•     Laser smoke detection and dry pipe fire suppression have been installed to protect all equipment in the event of a fire.
•     We also have 24/7 security.

So What Does All This Mean? In the case of a power failure, we have redundant power backup. Servers need a cool climate to operate, therefore we have the measures in place to maintain the best possible temperature. Our smoke detection system will alert us immediately in the case of a fire and will use powder fire extinguisher so that our equipment is not damaged. Basically, our servers are protected to ensure redundancy so that your site is well protected against the external elements of power loss, temperature, fire, and theft.


We only use the best possible servers with all the latest technology to host our customers’ websites. Our servers are custom made for reliable hosting.

So What Does All This Mean? Our server equipment is designed to keep your site up and running. Hard Drive failure accounts for the majority of server failure. The SCSI RAID5 disk arrays are designed to provide the ultimate in redundancy. There are 5 hard drives on each server. If one hard drive fails, the other 4 will absorb the traffic so that your website does not slow down or go down. In order to maintain superior hosting quality and efficiency, we only fill our servers to 65% capacity (storage and bandwidth).


We are a service oriented Company. We have experienced and valuable people at all levels of support. Our dedicated Systems Administrators monitor and maintain the servers. They also provide you with expert help and service. Our Customer Support Representatives are courteous and can answer any support-related questions you may have. We have an extensive knowledge base of support questions and answers available at www.expiry.com/members/knowledgebase.php. This includes a large FAQ database, screen shot manuals and expert help.

So What Does All This Mean? We maintain the ultimate in terms of reliability. When you host with us, we provide you with a very important utility – the means to keep your website up and running. Our support personnel will provide you with unmatched and superior customer service. We are confident that our hosting and support is superior; therefore, we give you an unconditional 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.