Expiry.com guarantees 100% network accessibility for all customers. During the regular course of business, a complete network failure should never occur. If there is a network failure, Expiry.com will compensate affected customers with a credit equivalent to one day of service for the first fifteen (15) minutes of service outage, and an additional one-day credit for every hour of service outage that follows. SLA credits can be claimed to a maximum matching one month’s service. The outage must be caused by problems related to the network connecting Expiry.com’s servers and the rest of the Internet, and must be confirmed from multiple Internet access points:

  • Network failure
  • Power failure
  • Delay in hardware replacement


This guarantee is limited to network failures operated by Expiry.com, as well as the hardware directly under the control of Expiry.coms or its direct providers. The guarantee does not apply to external network problems that could cause local issues with Internet service providers. The guarantee, under no circumstances and with no limit, does not apply to any service outage caused by defective hardware or software, service outages caused by violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, network slowdown, planned maintenance, or any other event not directly controlled by Expiry.com. Any credit request relating to problems not arising from network outages will be analyzed and treated individually, and not as being subject to the uptime guarantee. Any claim must be made on the basis of the standard document placed at your disposal in the “Technical Support” section of Expiry.com’s web site, and must be submitted before a maximum of seven days after the end of the relevant month. Requests will be treated within 10 to 15 working days following receipt of the document.